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Seidel Architects has been engaged in the design of urban communities since 1990. Our practice has been focused on urban sites in the San Francisco Bay area, a region that has proven to be a creative incubator for high density mixed use community design.


With the regional recognition of the nexus of transportation, work, living and shopping, we have been challenged to develop innovative building types and projects that accom-modate multiple uses in responsive urban patterns that support and enrich the life of the community.


We are often engaged in designing projects that significantly intensify the usage and density of the neighborhoods in which we work. Intensification of these sites typically increases access to transit, community services and retail and reduces reliance on the automobile as a sustainable strategy. Increased density also entails a high level of design responsibility to ensure that issues of community and privacy, contextual relationship to the existing urban fabric and appropriate relationships of multiple uses are skillfully balanced in service to both the residents and community.


"We believe that higher density residential and mixed-use projects have a role to play in promoting the health, wellbeing and sustainability of the communities in which we work."

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